The solutions from Al- Askafi Center provides you with office space that is individual and customised to your needs within a very short time. Office extensions on conventional buildings are also possible with the flexible panel system. You specify the required floor space and layout, we deliver the right space solution.

Together we work out the right result to make your employees feel comfortable in the office space. We provide fabrication of portable cabin, camps, offices and so on. It is used as fast and practical industrial solutions for workers' buildings, substructure and superstructure works. Without sticking on standard plans, the containers can be shaped in a customized way for the demands of our customers. Depending on the purpose of use, alternative productions can be made as single storey, two storey and three storey. Containers are constructions facilitating transport and installation. Containers according to purpose of use, place of use and usage. We are manufacturers for portable cabins and light guage steel Structure buildings. We offer services and products such as